ASEPOP VELVENTOU's main produce is peaches and itis a strong cooperative, and an important engine for economic development both in the area of ​​Velventos, Kozani and also in the Greek economy in general.

It has approximately 400 active producers who currently cultivate about 6,500 acres.
It is also known outside Greece, thanks to the excellent quality products it produces and all the modern cultivation methods it uses.
Its products are sold all over Greece and it also exports to central and eastern European countries, with Russia being its main market. The total volume of exports exceeds 3,250,000 kg.
Exports make up 40% of total sales.

The Cooperative is ISO, HACCP, GLOBALGAP and EUREPGAP certified.

ASEPOP VELVENTOU has operated an AGRO 2.1 integrated management system since 2002 2.2.
This system is of critical importance to both the producer and the consumer, as it ensures that the cooperative's products are the best possible quality - something which is the cooperative's main aim. "